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term paper Sample Term Paper #2: A review of the scholarship on the strength of some evolutionary theories of language evolution (for MSc students) Filename: reviews_on_evolutionary_theories_of_language_evolution.docx Language Evolution 1 Language is an incredibly important subject, because it is often the only thing that distinguishes between humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. For this reason, it is essential to understand how language evolved, because we can then use this knowledge to create any conceivable form of communication that is not mimicked by other animals. It is a common misconception that human language evolved from our primate ancestors. While this is true, it is also true that the communication systems of chimpanzees and baboons are closely related to the language system that we have today. This is known as the “chimpanzee model.” However, we need to be clear that this model has not been established in the same sense as that which we use to study more familiar aspects of the animal kingdom. That is, in regards to evolution of the human mind, we understand that we use the same basic mechanisms and processes as other animals, and therefore it is entirely appropriate to apply these mechanisms to the human brain. Many researchers look to the science of evolutionary psychology in order to understand the various mechanisms that support human communication and cognition. In this way, we can understand not only how our brain works, but why it works the way it does. There is a broad diversity of opinions in evolutionary psychology; the various positions are referred to as the “qualia of evolutionary psychology,” or the “hard” or “soft” varieties. While this distinction is important, there are numerous and significant overlaps between these two positions. The overarching idea behind the “hard” position is that human social evolution has been propelled by a few central functions, such as competition, mating, and cooperation. While these are undeniably important, the “soft” perspective focuses on a single factor, that of language. Evolutionary psychologists who subscribe to the “hard” position believe that language is of fundamental importance to the structure and functioning of human society. While they differ on a great number of other issues, they generally agree that language is necessary for human communication and society. Researchers who hold a “soft” perspective believe that the evolution of language is too important to be ignored.




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Marinenet Hmmwv Test Answers

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